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African Lady


10 Stems of Premium African Lady Lilies | Grown in California

Intense Color and Amazing Size

African Lady is a superstar Oriental Trumpet Lily. ("OT" Lilies have been hybridized to deliver the passion of the Oriental Lily in a new color palette.) African Lady has a powerful presence because of her luminous, deep red petals with yellow edges and astounding size. These amazing blooms have high bud counts, long stems, sweet fragrance, and outstanding vase life. Whether you leave these lilies tall, letting them display their grandeur, or shorten the stems, these 10 stems will put on a great show. African Lady has so many blooms per stem, you may enjoy creating more than one arrangement from this bunch. Beargrass is added for depth and texture.

Our African Lady lilies are grown in our glass greenhouse. Our California farm is blessed with consistent light levels and a cool coastal climate...our chilly nights lead directly to bold and intense color saturation in the petals.


*Our flowers are harvested at the Peak of Freshness. Because of this, Flowers will arrive in mostly budded form. Please trim ends at a 45 degree angle daily. Flower buds will blossom in 24-48 hours.

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